September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 3:15 PM A.

Call to order

Those in attendance were: Erin Hohl, Jeani Chatin, Natalie Christopher, Lucia Lombardo, Shelley Core, Matt Core, Renee Gini, Jennifer Tegnerud, Ivy Katsaros, Emily Dennis, Laura McCartin, Stephanie Urmston, Nichole Golder, Amanada McLain, Jenna Larkin, Shalon Sullivan, Erin Huber, Lindsay Lyons B.

President’s Report - Lindsay Lyons a. Update on PE program FUNDING (need around $10,200) i. Parent contribution ii. Business sponsorship b. Parent coffee i. Not a big turn out - thanks to those who helped pick up food, setting up, cleaning up ii. Need more people focused on welcoming new faces C. Treasurer’s Report - Shalon Sullivan a. Membership $ brought in b. Donations? D. Principal’s Report - Dave Keller E. Teacher’s Report - Jenna Larkin and Nichole Goldner a. Any word on how the teachers feel about doing the class art project for the spring art fundraiser (Mr. Keller sent out a school-wide survey. It would be helpful to include the students’ name on the original artwork for the Fall fundraiser art items.) F. Committee Reports a. Carnival - Sheri Wesley (parent volunteers are still needed- teachers will be reminded to send out the email with the sign-up link) b. Jog-a-thon - We need help! Brenna Munns is considering it, but would need a lot of help, especially week-of. Committee would need to: i. Create theme (can be color run or?) and execute theme through shirt logo, decorations, etc ii. Prepare donation system (we have used 99 Pledges) iii. Create flyers for T-Shirt order form iv. Create informational flyer v. Day of execution (volunteers, water and fruit stations, etc) c. Membership - Natalie Christopher i. Numbers? ii. Pay pal use? d. Teacher Appreciation - Cynthia Evans i. Event on Friday? ii. Future ideas G. Unfinished Business a. Parent’s Night out - Jen Tegnerud (April 25 or May 2?, possibly Western Themed at the Grove. Teachers may be sponsored) b. I still cannot find the Lenz PTA Amazon Smile account (through Elizabeth Lenz PTA) H. New Business (Urban Air in March? Roller skating rink?) I. Adjourn