October 22, 2019 Emergency Meeting MInutes

10/22 Emergency Meeting of the Board
In Attendance: Lindsay Lyons, Jeani Chatin, Lucia Lombardo, Shalon Sullivan, Dave Keller
A. Call to Order
B. Presentation by Mr. Keller:

a. Currently, $10,000 per year is budgeted towards Active Board replacement
b. He is seeking approval to repurpose 2018-2019’s $10,000 check to more
immediate technology needs.
c. Lenz has a technology VOID
d. Mr. Keller has met with the head of Active Boards and the IT tech from the district
and had all boards fixed to working order.
e. Would like iPads for each grade (10 per grade to start)
f. Replace laptops in the computer lab with new desktops
g. Would like more devices for greater access for all students

C. Lindsay Lyons motioned to repurpose last year’s check for “general technology”,
allowing Mr. Keller to use the $10,000 for desktops. Shalon Sullivan seconded the
motion. The motion was approved 4-0

D. Further discussion on how much more money would be needed, in addition to that
$10,000, to purchase a complete set of desktops. Mr. Keller estimated an additional
E. Lindsay Lyons motioned to use $5000 of the funds raised for the PE and technology
funds for the desktop purchase. Shalon Sullivan seconded the motion. The motion was
approved 4-0
F. Discussion to see how much more the PTA could give out of the PE and technology
funds that were raised. Decision to table this discussion until all funds have been
G. Adjourn