October 2019 Meeting MInutes

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 6:30 PM

Lenz Elementary PTA General Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order Those in attendance are Erin Huber, Lindsay Lyons, Shalon Sullivan, Nichole Goldner, Cheri Wesley, Jeani Chatin, Andrea Wold, Diane Crecelius, Shelley Core, Matt Core, Jenny Halterman
  2. President’s Report - Lindsay Lyons
    1. Update on PE program FUNDING
      1. Business sponsorship
        1. Working with SilverBlu signs to get Gold level banners and silver level “common” banner ( After this week we can no longer put business logos on shirts)
    2. Parent coffee
      1. Not a big turn out again. Perhaps in the spring, we do a “cookies and lemonade” at school pick up time (idea from Natalie Christopher)
  3. Treasurer’s Report - Shalon Sullivan
    1. Private donations -
    2. Corporate sponsorship - $8520 for both sponsorships plus possible additional money through paypal
  4. Principal’s Report  - Dave Keller  school pick-up is being addressed in the newsletter
  5. Teacher’s Report - Jenna Larkin and Nichole Goldner
    1. How can the PTA help get all classes doing PE until we are able to hire PE teacher? Possibly asking parents for help with PE – with teacher help
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Carnival - Sheri Wesley   The carnival was a great success.  We hit $12,000 with net of around $10,000
    2. Jog-a-thon - Thank you to Natalie Christopher - she is chairing with me
      1. Theme - Run Like a Leopard
      2. Pledges through 99 pledges (by teacher name) or cash or check on form. Donors can pledge an amount of money per lap completed - we are keeping track of laps with rubber bands for students wrists. Prizes awarded for most laps per grade level
      3. Tshirt orders due THURSDAY because of fall break
      4. Informational flyers went out with incorrect information - 4th, 5th and 6th will run from 9:15-10, 2,3 from 10-10:45 and kinder,1 from 10:45 - 11:30 
      5. Parents encouraged to buy shirts and run with students
      6. Will need LOTS of day of volunteers to pass out rubberbands, record laps, hand out water, etc
    3. Membership - Natalie Christopher
      1. Numbers down this year? Discussed having an online membership form and more reminders for families next year. Voted for PTA members to get an opportunity to win an additional raffle at the Grand Gala this year
    4. Teacher Appreciation - Cynthia Evans?
    5. Art fundraiser - Renee Gini  orders have been turned in
      1. Parents will get a sample of child’s artwork via email in late October to place online orders that will be delivered before Christmas
    6. “Parents” Breakfast - we are no longer calling it fathers breakfast - we only want children to bring one parent/guardian/special person. Calling it VIP and Me was voted in as the theme
    7. Parent’s Night out - Jen Tegnerud 
    8. Unfinished Business
      1. March Spirit night
        1. Roller Kingdom with a theme
        2. Other ideas ?  gift card raffle
    9. New Business
      1. Geo Bee - Stacie Tatman
        1. Will the PTA membership pay the $120 entry fee for the 4th-6th graders to participate and be eligible to advance to the state level? This motion was approved
        2. Coordinated by Stacie Tatman, school liason - Ashley Brezina
  7. Adjourn