2021 October PTA Meeting Minutes

Lenz PTA General Meeting

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 3:15 PM

  • Call to order

Those present are: Shelley and Matt Core, Holly McCutcheon, Sasha Chiperi, Jeani Chatin, Jackie Hernandez Jason Johnson, Colleen Doenges, Betty Hutchens, Lindsay Fena, Jnnifer Halterman, Jenna Larkin, Erin HOlh, Nina Walker, Alice McLeod

  • Review minutes
  • President’s Report- Erin Hohl
    • Sponsorship updates… 11 sponsors total, $17,000+
    • Yogurt Beach made $490!
    • Coffee truck will be tomorrow! Next dates? Switch up appreciation ideas such as refreshment station?
    • PE Equipment organization supplies $300: approved
  • Treasure’s Report- Matt Core
    • Our current budget numbers for Jogathon expect $10k of income and $2k of expenses.  I think I remember targets of $20k income being set - do we want to update this budget expectation?
    • We have a couple of reasonably big single expenses in the budget that I haven't heard us talking much about.  Can we do status updates on:
      • PE Program (18k budgeted)
      • Computer Software (5k budgeted) - I can't remember what this refers to...
  • Principals Report:
    • Active Boards arrived and installed,
    • 49 new student Laptops from WCSD- Need new laptop cart money ($2,400),
    • ELCord match will be $12,000
    • From PTA: Wanting an update about parent volunteers being let into the building
  • New Business- upcoming dates and events

Raleys One fundraiser November 20. Raleys is doing a customer appreciation event with free nutrition seminars, samplings and fitness classes and wanted to extend the opportunity to Lenz to also be a fundraiser. They are offering to donate a percentage of the days sales to Lenz when mention of “Lenz Elementary” when making a purchase.

  • Unfinished Business
    • Display My Art- Barbara Chandler:
    • Jog a Thon- Jenny Halterman, Abigale Stevenson, Lindsay Fena:
    • E.L Cord Foundation
    • Parent information display board to be put up over by kiss and drop (aprx. $250 for a simple solution) but looking at a permanent idea for the corner of Homeland and Edmunds